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Welcome to the Bundesverband Flachglas

The Bundesverband Flachglas (BF) was created in 1987 by the fusion of the following German associations: Bundesverband des Deutschen Flachglas-Großhandels, Bundesverband der Deutschen Isolierglashersteller, and Fachverband Flachglas Veredelnde Industrie. Today, the BF has more than 80 member companies with over 180 production facilities, and in addition to those companies some 60 supporting members. Its headquarters is in Troisdorf, in the Cologne/Bonn region The three pillars of the association's work are:


■  Standardisation and technology
■  Political representation of interests
■  PR work and marketing


The Gütegemeinschaft Flachglas (GGF) which is associated with the BF, awards qualified member companies with the RAL quality label for insulating glass units (IGU) as well as the RAL quality label for thermally toughened safety glass with heat-soak test (TSG-HF). An image brochure of the BF can be downloaded here.

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