Safety Glass

Injury protection

Safety insulating glass is distinguished by increased fracture strength and protection from injury in the event of a glass fracture. Toughened safety glass can withstand unusually high stresses, and in the event of fracture it splits into small, blunt-edged fragments. Laminated safety glass incorporates extremely tear-resistant films that hold together the splinters and shards in the event of fracture. This glass is used wherever high standards for safety are required, for example in glass canopies, overhead glazing or fall-protection glazing.



Balustrades made of glass

High-grade safety glass types for balustrade and balcony glazing are subjected to special tests to ensure high resistance to thermal and physical stresses.



Protection against burglary

Burglar-resistant laminated safety glass is ideal for protecting valuables and persons: thanks to its specific structure, it resists even persistent attempts to smash it. Depending on requirements, it can be made strong enough to withstand bullets or even explosives.



Fire protection

In some applications, for example on escape routes in public buildings, components must be able to withstand for a certain time the heat and flames that can develop once a fire breaks out. Fire protection glass meets the fire resistance requirements in a range of classes, but without any loss of transparency. For outdoor applications, there is also fire protection glass in the form of insulating glass.



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