Insulating glass

Thermal insulation


With single glazing or older insulating glazing, a lot of heat is lost through the window. Thanks to sophisticated technologies, modern thermal insulation glass reduces heat losses drastically and keeps the warmth from the heating system where it belongs: in the room. The advantages? Considerably lower heating costs, a contribution towards protecting our environment, and a palpable increase in comfort, particularly near the window. And glass has one big advantage over all other building materials: free-of-charge energy gains thanks to solar inputs reduce the energy requirement.

The German government supports builders and owners who modernize their buildings to become energy-efficient, reduce the CO2 output and save energy. The financial aspects are handled by the German development bank KfW, which supports these measures with a funding program for energy-efficient building and modernization, offering low-interest loans or grants to finance them.



Glazing with sash bars


Insulating glass with sash bars provides even protected historic buildings with up-to-date thermal insulation that doesn’t spoil their nostalgic charm. In some versions, the sash bars are located between the panes. 





Heated conservatories should be usable in the cold season too. That calls for detailed climate technology planning, to make relaxing in them agreeable both in summer and winter – and of course it calls for the right thermal insulation glass too! 



Self-cleaning glass


Self-cleaning glass has on the outside a coating which causes water to run off almost without leaving a trace, and taking dirt away with it too. In addition, organic dirt is actively broken down. That has the effect of reducing the cleaning effort.



Sound insulation


On streets with high traffic density, in the vicinity of railway lines or under the flight paths of airports, persistent noise can greatly impair your wellbeing even within your own four walls. Sound-protecting insulating glass types can deaden the noise so effectively that it is barely audible indoors. The noise stays outside and the warmth stays inside during winter.



Multifunction glass


Thermal insulation, sound insulation, security: these three functions can also be integrated into a single insulating glass. Multifunction glass does three jobs in one: a high degree of comfort in rooms yet low heating costs, peace and quiet to sooth the nerves, and security from unwelcome intruders.



Solar control


Large-area glazing is now common in modern buildings, but in summer there is the problem that the room heats up to an unwelcome extent. This is where solar control insulating glass helps: it lets in the daylight, but reduces the amount of incident solar energy. So rooms remain bright without heating up too much, and the climate behind large glass surfaces remains comfortable. Solar control glass comes in a wide variety of types and tints.



Internal blinds


Insulating glass types with blinds inside the cavity between the panes offer many benefits. The infinite regulation option ensures the right degree of light and clear view at all times. The slats are protected from soiling and damage. The glass is intended above all for solar control, anti-glare protection and as a variable privacy screen.



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