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Glass as a Profession: Flat Glass Technologist

An Overview of the Occupation

Flat glass technologists manufacture all kinds of glass panes like insulated glazing, safety glass, glass for vitrines or doors. Next to the deployment of modern machines, hereby a lot of handiwork is done as well. For example, the glasses have to be cut to size and grinded, some of them are sandblasted and still others have to be bent warm. Within the manufacturing process flat glass technologists continously have to control the quality of the of the intermediate and the final product. Insofar the profession of the flat glass technologist demands next to carftsmanship a high degree of accuracy. Flat glass technologists predominantly work within the manufacturing industry.

Training Contents

In the training company the trainees learn for example:

  • how to transport and store flat glasses
  • how to evaluate and apply constructional drawings
  • how to choose materials and tools
  • how to manually measure, cut and break flat glass
  • how to examine the dimensional and geometric accuracy as well as the sanding image
  • how to operate and regulate automated production plants and cutting machines for the mechanical separating of flat glass, how to determine and enter process data and to monitor digital processes
  • how to inspect and service pneumatic and electric controls and actuators as well as mechanical components in accordance with operational standards
  • how to sandblast, print (e.g. with digital printing) and seal surfaces
  • how to connect flat glasses by laminating or glueing
  • how to thermally treat flat glasses and e.g. to produce safety glass by pretensioning

Beyond that, knowledge about topics like rights and duties during the apprenticeship, organisation of the training company and environment protection are being imparted during the whole apprenticeship.

Entrance Criteria

In order to be allowed to carry out this occupation, as a general rule one needs a completed professional training as flat glass technologist or flat glass mechanic (forerunner of this occupation). Legally there is no particular, mandatory, educational background in order to gain access to the apprenticeship. However, the firms predominantly hire new trainees with the German Hauptschulabschluss or completed secondary education.


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